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Arleen Ehritz’s son, Johnathan, was diagnosed with autism and given little hope. She started doing research. And now she strongly feels autism, ADHD and other problems are a result of being exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins as we breathe, eat and live on this planet.


When she learned about colon cleansing and other alternative detoxification methods, she decided it might help her son. After using a cleansing regimen for a short time, Johnathan’s symptoms improved. Arleen realized this could help her entire family.


Inspired by these results, Arleen set out to find a way to help others improve their health. Following extensive study and training, and selecting the best equipment available, Arleen’s passion to help others learn about health care methods of detoxification became a reality.


She has completed training and has certifications in the wellness techniques and services that she offers. These certifications include the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.


Today, Johnathan excels in school and lives the life of most teenagers. His mother educates clients and helps them make these wellness methods a part of their routine for healthier, happier lives.

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