Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics believes that everything is connected. We pledge to create products that respect women’s bodies and the earth. Our mission is to elevate women’s beauty products to an alternative that is safe, purely natural and fashionable.


It is Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics' mission to:

Formulate with the highest standards of excellence in regards to purity of ingredients and effectiveness of the product while embracing diversity by offering a wide color palette for every woman.

Promote operating and business practices that encourage social responsibility, sustainability, beauty and creativity at every level of the organization.

Improve the overall quality of women’s lives by focusing on creating safer cosmetic alternatives that are free of common toxins found in women’s daily beauty routine.

Continue to use sustainable ingredients and packaging whenever available. Our on-going focus is to seek out improvements at every level of our organization that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and environmental change.

All mineral cosmetics are not created equal. The majority of mineral cosmetics on the market are still heavily loaded with synthetic preservatives like Parabens, dyes and fillers which may be harmful to your skin and health. Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics is free of synthetic dyes, paraben preservatives and irritants like bismuth oxychloride.

A better blend. Many popular mineral brands include a natural ingredient in their formula called 'bismuth oxychloride'. This ingredient, while natural, can produce a 'glowy', unnatural finish. This ingredient is also notorious for making the skin itch. We refuse to use bismuth oxychloride, paraben preservatives and synthetic dyes in any of our formulas.

Natural selection. We choose not only the most natural, safest ingredients, but carefully select the source of those ingredients to ensure the purest product of the highest quality. This means jet milled, pharmaceutical grade minerals and pigments, as well as certified organic botanicals.


A new level of natural. Minerals are good for your skin but minerals plus the age-defying properties of Certified Organic antioxidants like organic grape seed extract and organic pomegranate extract take Afterglow's mineral cosmetics to a whole new level of natural beauty.

Need 21 more reasons to love Afterglow?

1.  Made in the USA. All of our cosmetics are made in the USA.
2.  Organic whenever possible. We use Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible.
3.  Ideal for sensitive skin and bodies. We avoid ingredients (even natural ones!) that are sensitizers. Our formulas are also gluten free!
4.  Very natural. We focus on formulating the most natural & effective product available without a whole list of ingredients still used by other cosmetic companies.
5.  Full disclosure - we disclose every ingredient in every product we sell. Since the FDA allows companies to conceal and not list the true ingredients in items listed as “fragrance”, “flavors” and any ingredient under 1% of the total formula – you never know what you might be using. With Afterglow you always know!
6.  No bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth oxychloride is a common ingredient in many mineral cosmetic brands. It makes many women itch and break out. We never include this ingredient in our cosmetics.
7.  Paraben Free: All our products are Paraben Free.
8.  We only use Pharmaceutical Grade Minerals to ensure the most pure product possible.

9.  Our Triple Milled Formulas ensure our powders are super soft and that the color is even and well distributed for optimal coverage and color.
10.  Nourishing ingredients. Our Lip Love Lipstick is full of moisturizing oils to nourish your lips.
11.  Beautifully easy to apply. A quick swirl with your brush and a sweep across your face and you're done! No more worrying about the tell-tale 'mask' left by liquid foundations.
12.  Woman owned and woman formulated.
13.  Never Animal Tested. Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics is PETA and Leaping Bunny approved! Just saying we never animal test is not enough. We are third party approved by the Consumer Information on Cosmetics and PETA.
14.  Color Matching Services are available to you. Simply e-mail us the brand/product/shade you are currently wearing and we will tell you the closest Afterglow shade to make your transition easy.


Organic Pencil Eye Liners
Look beyond average eye liners and bring out the stars in your eyes with our Organic Pencil Eye Liners. With nourishing organic oils, this moisture-rich, all natural formula will open your eyes to a new world of bio-active beauty. The organic sesame seed oil, organic castor seed oil and organic beeswax form a creamy, moisture-rich formula for smooth application

Organic Total Cover Concealer
There’s no need to hide due to embarrassing pigmentation or blemishes. Our Organic Total Cover Concealer does the hiding and healing for you. This highly concentrated powder concealer packs quite a punch. It offers intense coverage, as well as Afterglow’s proprietary blend of skin nourishing. It repairs organic tamarind extract and organic vitamin E. So stop hiding and let the Organic Total Cover Concealer do all the work.

With active ingredients like organic vitamin E and organic tamarind extract your skin is protected from outside elements and nourished back to health. Don’t worry about the fuss of application. Each concentrated concealer comes with a complimentary Concealer Brush.
Organic Calm Cover – Balancing Redness Solution
Ready to cancel out the redness caused by rosacea and other skin issues? Our Organic Calm Cover-Balancing Redness Solution’s proprietary bio-active organic blend helps cover and correct redness, leaving only flawless skin behind. This highly concentrated formula stands apart from its competition with the exclusion of bismuth oxychloride or fillers. Our lightly tinted powder not only counteracts redness with color therapy, but also nourishes the skin with Afterglow’s proprietary blend of organic tamarind extract, allantoin (from comfrey) and organic vitamin E. Each Organic Calm Cover-Balancing Redness Solution comes with a complimentary Baby Kabuki Brush for easy application. Relax, cover up and sooth with Organic Calm Cover.

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